About our countermeasures against COVID-19 (updated on 24 Oct 2021)

About countermeasures against COVID-19 in our hospital (updated on 24 Oct 2021)

We have set our countermeasures against COVID-19. These are set to secure a safe environment for pet owners during their visits. Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Rules can may be updated accordingly so please visit our website and confirm the latest information.

* As the rebound prevention period of post-emergency COVID-19 set by the City gov. ended, the countermeasures were partially changed.

To pet owners

Please see the instruction illustrations below for pet owners.

Reception will be handled differently

Please see the instructions below.

Adjusted operating hours (updated on 24 Oct 2021)

Our operating hours are adjusted as countermeasures against COVID-19. Please see below. 

* As the rebound prevention period of the post-emergency COVID-19 set by the gov. ended, our consultation hours end at 11:30 in the morning and 18:20 in the afternoon. from Monday 25 Oct 2021.

Closed days: Every Tuesday, Every second Saturday of every month, other designated holiday listed in the hospital calendar

About foods and medications

In accordance with the adjusted reception system, please understand that you might wait longer because hospital staff will be with you in order of arrival. There might not be enough inventory if manufactures are out of stock, or delivery is delayed. Please contact us to check our inventory.

About making appointment of surgery

You can make an appointment and schedule for surgery a month prior. Please understand that there might be a possibility that you are asked to cancel your appointment when equipment or materials needed for surgery are not available.